grapefrukt games
Malmö, Sweden
Release date:
Steam: January 2014
iOS & Android: August 1st 2013
PSM: May 8th 2013
Apple App Store
Google Play
USD $3.99
EUR €3.59
JPY ¥350


rymdkapsel is a slow, meditiative strategy game set in space. It builds upon the legacy of Martins earlier games by requiring minimal user input, but that doesn't make you a passenger. It's rather the opposite as you are tasked with the higher level problem of building the best possible station and ordering your minions around.

The game originally launched on the Vita in early May 2013, and later had a wider release on iOS and Android in August. In late november the game was part of a Humble Mobile Bundle and with those extra sales broke 200 000 copies sold.

The PC version

The PC version features two new game modes, four brand new monoliths and new missions to complete, the soundtrack has also been expanded with two new songs.


  • Easy to interact with, interesting to explore.
  • Meditative and slow, yet intense and deliberate.
  • A distinctive pseudo 3D art style.
  • Super crisp vector based visuals with support for high DPI screens.
  • 15 minutes of soundtrack to keep you calm.
  • Achievements and leaderboards

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PC announcement trailer

iOS & Android launch trailer

iOS & Android announcement trailer

PlayStation® Mobile release trailer

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early work in progress screenshots

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About grapefrukt games

grapefrukt games consists of exactly one guy, Martin. He got into game making in a big way around the time of the experimental gameplay project and still uses that same methodology; Making a bunch of small games to see if a concept works and then build upon the ones that do.

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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Martin Jonasson
Design, Visuals, Programming, Everything
Niklas Ström
Sound & Music, Finurliga Ljud