grapefrukt games
Malmö, Sweden
Release date:
June 27th 2013
USD $3.99


MRS. DAD vs. KÖRV is a local multiplayer game for the OUYA. As the title suggests, it's a double feature. Two games for the price of one! In MRS. DAD you take on the roles of vacuum cleaner wielding birds. Scrambling to vaccuum up as many dots as you can, the more dots you get, the bigger you grow. Once you're bigger than your opponents, you can vaccuum them too! KÖRV on the other hand is some strange type of future sport played by sentient fast food. Collect as many eggs as you can and bring them to your goal. The more you bring, the more points you get. But, carrying a large tail of eggs will slow you down increasing the risk of one of your opponents smashing into your tail and breaking it.


These games are made as a collaboration between Martin (grapefrukt games), Simon & Olle (Redgrim) and Niklas (Snorkel). They were originally made for an arcade machine we built, called the Crime City Arcade. The OUYA provided us with an exciting opportunity to bring these games to a far wider audience.


  • Local multiplayer
  • Super crisp vector based visuals.
  • Supports two players per controller.


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About grapefrukt games

grapefrukt games consists of exactly one guy, Martin. He got into game making in a big way around the time of the experimental gameplay project and still uses that same methodology; Making a bunch of small games to see if a concept works and then build upon the ones that do.

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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Martin Jonasson
Programming, Design
Simon Gustafsson (REDGRIM)
Visuals, Design
Niklas Ström (Snorkel)
Sound & Music, Design
Olle Lundahl (REDGRIM)
Additional Programming, Design