grapefrukt games
Malmö, Sweden
Release date:
Steam: April 9th 2020
Nintendo Switch: November 13th 2019
iOS & Android: July 26th 2018
Nintendo Switch
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Steam / Nintendo Switch
USD $9.99
EUR €9.99
iOS & Android
USD $3.99
EUR €4.49
JPY ¥480


Dig deep underground by shooting balls and breaking blocks to traverse your way to the core of planets. With only a certain number of shots per round and some blocks firmly fixed to the wall, thoughtfully strategize and aim the balls for maximum impact. Knock down as many blocks as possible while collecting crystals for upgrades and getting deeper beneath the surface.

Now with a Nintendo Switch exclusive couch coop mode, play and collaborate with friends for the first time, each with your own little worm buddy.

Choose your ideal upgrade such as more starting balls, more shots per round, or storing more crystals, based on your play style and overall strategy. Work your way into the procedurally generated planet as you watch the delightful spectacle of balls fly around the screen.

Digging Deeper

In this mesmerizing and curious game that oozes with charm, balance your plan between ball bouncing patterns and the unpredictable, surprising bounces. Focused and designed with the essential elements for maximum fun without the fluff, immerse yourself in a world of extravagant minimalistic art as you jam out to a quirky space acid soundtrack. Feel the visceral satisfaction of knocking down blocks and getting deeper beneath the surface as the challenge ramps up and the spectacular flurry of balls sprawls across the screen.

Martin Jonasson, the indie dev behind twofold inc. and rymdkapsel, created holedown to capture a feeling. He set out to evoke the moment from brick breakers where a ball sneaks in behind the blocks, that uniquely satisfying flurry of bouncing. If he could capture that spectacle, he knew he’d have something good. In the end he created a blend of meditative fun balanced with the joy of skill improvement and satisfaction of ball bouncing. Taking traditional elements and twisting them into a new, fresh and approachable experience, he's excited for players to check out his new game filled with unpredictable delight.


  • Steam and Nintendo Switch versions: Local coop mode to play with friends
  • Six planets to dig through
  • Original soundtrack of seven diverse and space-acid themed tunes
  • A tight experience with 5+ hours of gameplay
  • Endless play mode
  • Leaderboards to see how you rank

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Nintendo Switch

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About grapefrukt games

grapefrukt games consists of exactly one guy, Martin. He got into game making in a big way around the time of the experimental gameplay project and still uses that same methodology; Making a bunch of small games to see if a concept works and then build upon the ones that do.

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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Martin Jonasson
Design, Visuals, Programming, Everything
Niklas Ström
Sound & Music, Finurliga Ljud
Catherine Unger
Additional Art, Freelance
Dana Trebella